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DNA test: Predictive genetic diagnostics

KNOWING WHAT IS TO COME Important information about your future health is hidden in your DNA. We decode this information for you.

Learn more about your personal susceptibility/predisposition to genetic diseases – for greater safety and prevention. Learn which drugs are effective treatments for you and which not. We can give you and your doctor suggestions about personal dose adjustments.

DNA tests

Greater safety and prevention. Learn more about your personal susceptibility/predisposition to genetic diseases and your food and drug sensitivities. You will get individual recommendations and dose adjustments.

DNA counseling

Before and after your DNA analysis we offer genetic counseling by one of our specialists. The medical consultations are adapted to your personal needs and you will receive advice and suggestions about which DNA analysis would suit you best. It is our responsibility to never leave you alone with the result of the DNA analysis.

DNA and diseases

Detect a disease before you’ll get it – Do you have any diseases which frequently run in your family? Do you know your personal risk to develop diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, colon, breast or prostate cancer? Our predictive gene analysis will give you an answer about the risk of getting a certain disease. The knowledge of your predisposition to hereditary diseases is very useful for you. You can prevent these diseases or start a therapy early. 

DNA and drugs/pharmaceuticals

Are the drugs you are taking as effective as they should be? A standard dose of drug can be ineffective for some individuals and toxic for others. With pharmacogenomics we can check the metabolism of individual drugs before you take them. Depending on your genetic profile we can precisely adjust the dose for you.

Premium Check Up

Knowing what is to come – knowing which drugs will work for you. Learn about what could happen to you in the future and take adjustments now. Learn about the drugs you are taking and if you are already getting the right dose. The Premium Check up offers variable combinations of all these aspects. With the Premium Check up you can combine different DNA analyses from our portfolio and receive a complete interpretation of your genetic information, which involves different aspects of your health.

Liquid Biopsy

Liquid Biopsy detects genetic mutations in cell-free circulating tumour DNA.

Decoding the entire DNA sequence

Obtaining the complete sequence of your DNA (Whole Genome Sequencing) will give you the most comprehensive genomic information available today. You will get an analysis report with all the data about predispositions about certain diseases, drug metabolism, nutrition, etc. If you store your DNA sample and the sequence data at our lab and in-house server, you have the possibility to get more information about diseases, whose genetic origin is not disclosed yet without another DNA test. 

Decipher the coding DNA (exome)

The protein-coding part of the genes is contained in the exons. The analysis of all exons (exome) leads to the determination of genetic diseases which are caused by mutations in the exome. We offer the Whole Exome-Sequencing as fast and efficient method to estimate your risk factors for genetic diseases.

Additional services

In addition to genetic diagnosis and pharmacogenomics, we offer several additional services. 

Drug interactioncheck

We check your drugs for undesirable counter effects and give recommendations for further medication intake. More saftey about interactions between drugs. 

DNA storage

The long-term and safe storage of your DNA sample and analysis data gives you the possibility to buy additional DNA analyses without sending in a new saliva sample. New information in your family history, life plans and/or new scientific discoveries in human genetics might require advanced genetic analysis of your DNA. In our laboratory, your DNA will be kept safe and your data will be stored on our in-house servers according to highest security standards.

Express service

DNA analysis is a long and complex process which requires several weeks. Our Express Service offers a a rapid analysis of your samples.