After stem Cell Treatment
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After stem cell treatment

The following 100 days are very essential for the progression of the stem cells. Regarding patient’s wellbeing during this period, it has been observed two different groups of patients. One of the group felt quite well when they left the medical center and continue to feel better each day. The other group seemed to go through a phase of ups and downs. Some days they felt well and some days they felt exhausted. This can endure for a few months until it turns into a well condition to feel the benefits of the stem cell treatment.


A frequent question of the patients is what kind of therapies can be done after stem cell treatment. The first 100 days after stem cell implantation are critical for their development. So, it is essential not to do anything that would interfere with the stem cell replication in the body. This comprise some antibiotics, immune suppressants and steroids. Before you leave our medical center, our staff will inform you in the consultation before your clinic discharge.
If you need medication, you should get the medical care you need. Please contact our team immediately to clarify about any medication you may need to take.

If you may feel ailing during the 100 days of development period, you may find that you benefit from some supportive natural treatments. These may involve procedures such as massage therapy, lymphatic drainage or infrared sauna. Vitamin IVs, glutathione, and other treatments may help you likewise to manage any symptoms during the 100 days of development period. Our advice is to narrow any treatments and symptomatic control down rather than starting a whole new round of treatments. It is to consider that the body is recalibrating after a stem cell treatment and it needs time to do this.


It can be a complicated process to make a full recovery. Unfortunately, we have often observed patients do very well while they have been stayed at Germany Healthcare and when they came back they returned into an unhealthy routine or style of life. One should make changes when returning home and should use its stay at Germany Medical Care as an opportunity to learn how to break old habits, so one may return home with new energy and hope of a better and healthy life.


We offer also therapies which may be added to your treatment. These services are not included within the program package. Thus, it would be an extra cost and is declared previously to the usage of the therapy.

Extra Diagnostic Tests

  • Extra Diagnostic Tests
  • Urine analysis
  • Stool analysis
  • Blood chemistry
  • Complete blood count