Excellent medical team

صحتك أمانة في أعناقنا

Excellent patient services

جودة ومعايير عالية

Approach to heal

خطوات نحة الشفاء

Germany Healthcare Approach to heal

The best integrative treatment programme in combination with advanced and highly researched methods. The process is easy, safe and internationally recognised. We help customers worldwide find value by enabling the delivery of utmost treatment with top operational excellence.
i.e we have the researched version of autologous adult stem cells therapy, taking extractd manfold and re-injected into the lymphatic system to gibe the body the potential to repair damaged pancreas tissue and replace damaged or lost insulin producing cells.

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Why Germany?

Healthcare 100% German-made.

Worldwide more and more patients seek for medical treatment beyond their national boarder. The good reputation of German specialist brings an increasing number of foreign patients to hospitals in Bonn, Frankfurt, Cologne, Aachen and Düsseldorf… etc

Very important reasons why Germany has become such a popular destination for medicines:

Humanbeings appreciate and like to make use of medical expertise and good health care. Language problems, problems in terms of organisation and differences in the way of thinking cause problems for Arabic patients in Germany. Germany-Healthcare.com cares for you and solves these problems.

Service Pfeil

Our services are:

  • High-quality medical services
  • Multilingual: Assistance and interpreter in your mother tongue
  • The medical system is very advanced, and introduces innovative technologies earlier than in other countries
  • Optimal treatment in consultation with the attending doctor
  • Germany is home to many leading medical implant and pharma ceutical companies such Bayer..
  • Germany is located at the heart of Europe.
  • Thanks of international airports in most cities is Germany just a short connection flight from other european Countries.
  • Safety

Why us?

We are a German innovative company working in multy-disciplinary fields such related services . Through expertise and team spirit of our human resources, we guarantee our partner-clients an optimal professional conduct in terms of quality, lead times and costs. Of course we are to you at any time gladly for a noncommittal service consulting discussion at the disposal.


Service Pfeil

Our assignment

Provide broad health care and prevention services within the context of:

  • Patientís needs and expectations
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Easy access
  • Highest quality
  • Cost effectiveness

Support the mission and goals of our patients through:

  • Academic partnerships
  • Research
  • Respect the dignity and privacy of the individual

Succeed through good communications and clearly defined strategies.

promote healthy style of life and disease prevention.

Focus on the future.










What our patients say

Kathy / USA

We are so grateful for the opportunity to comes to Germany-Healthcare. We have experienced individualized attention, the staff is very much concerned about the patients which shows that they have a compassion for what they do. We were very joyfull to be able to meet all of you at the clinic too. May God continue to bless all of you as you help so many with their diseases.

فؤاد / المملكة العربية السعودية

بارك الله فيكم. مكان رائع و مركز متكامل من كل النواحي. تجهيزات , أطباء, , معدات . ما لفت انتباهي هو اختياركم للمكان. بارك الله فيكم

خالد من قطر:

اخواني جزاكم الله كل خير . مشكورين ما قصرتم. معاملة راقية جدا من السائق حتى البروفسورة و الادارة

فهد من الكويت

طال عمركم مشكورين على جهودكم. اسبوعين بعد العلاج بدات احس بالفرق. :
الحق نقوله ان التنظيم على اعلى الدرجات. مو بس العلاج و لكن الرحلات كمان كانت والله اكثر من ممتازة.
الله يوفقكم .