Stem cell treatment
Service Pfeil

What to expect

What can someone expect to undergo during and after stem cell treatment? This is very diverse and cannot be answered as everyone can react differently.

First of all, the initial stem cell extraction is almost painless because it is a simple blood draw. In order to avoid any damage to the stem cells, this blood draw will be carried directly at our stem cell laboratory which is inhouse. In this way the blood can be processed promptly. This is followed by the IV treatments.

Most of our patients do very well during the treatment. The IV cure is quite intensive and lasts about 2 to 4 hours each day.

The second week most of patients experience something like an emotional detoxification. In this period, emotional issues and stress seem to be more conspicuous.

After 10 dayís the stem cell will be reinject. Actually, this is the beginning of the stem cell therapy. It will be also given directly at our laboratory to ensure that the stem cells continue to be undamaged and fresh. The implantation is very simple. It is nothing more than a small injection under the skin in the left or right arm. In the following 24 hours, some of our patients reported that they felt a little bit ailing like a day before you would get a flu.