The stem cell process
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When a particularized anamnesis of the patient is already taken and a general physical examination is completed, the first step of the Stem Cell process is to draw blood (approximately 300 cc) from the patient’s blood vessel from which the Stem Cells will be extracted. Hereinafter, our laboratory will extract the Stem Cells from the whole blood which has been drawn. They will be examined so that the Stem Cells can be chosen for replication by the use of cell growth factors. During 10 days of incubation the Stem Cells multiply between 7 to 10 times. During ten days, the patient’s body will be adjusted for the ultimate treatment by supportive IV therapies along with immune modulation.

After 10 days the Stem Cells will be wasted and examined once again. The next step is very easy and virtually painless for patient. He will get an injection under the skin. The lymphatic system and the blood vessels will be diffused in the whole body.

There is no risk that the patient’s body will be suffer of an allergic reaction or that the body will reject the Stem Cells since we will apply Stem Cells from the patient’s own body.

Stem Cells are able to become any sort of cells which the body needs because they are undifferentiated cells. A specific hormonal signal from the body provoke the transformation of the Stem Cells into a definite tissue type.


The Germany’s Healthcare Stem Cell Programme that is composed of Some Places to health breaks new ground. Due to immune modulation with Thymus extracts, supportive IV therapies and a gentle detoxification programme, will be prepared the body for the Stem Cells. These modules are also to ensure an optimal condition for the Stem Cells. The five places to health is composed of the following therapies:

  • Immune modulation
  • Disease specific therapy
  • Detoxification
  • Substitution
  • Mind-body medicine

We have developed a comprehensive treatment which is showing to have a positive effect in a high percentage of our patients by combining these steps with an integrative stem Cell programme. Our approach covers fundamental issues in the body. Instead of getting caught up in treating symptoms, it is an ideal therapy for patients with an unclear diagnosis or for patients who simply look for optimal health and anti-aging.